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Character Development

The character education aspect of education is apparent from top to bottom at The Williams School.  Weekly assemblies are used as a format to focus on the “what” (definition of the value); the “how” (examples of how to implement the value); and the “why” (the importance of incorporating and exhibiting the value).  Faculty and Staff teach and encourage effective problem solving at every level.  Two guiding principles in the school’s philosophy are “Honor before Honors” and “with privilege comes responsibility.” Kindness and respect for one another are paramount at The Williams School, with an emphasis on doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

In addition to teachable moments, students receive regular Guidance lessons with our School Counselor.


Weekly assemblies are an opportunity for our school community to come together; parents and families are always welcome. These morning meetings are led by our Head of School and feature a theme for the week as well as special presentations from various students.  Occasionally, students attend Assemblies with their school "sibling"--an assigned Middle School student paired with a Lower School student as a mentor for the school year. 

Big/Little Sibling Program

A Williams School tradition started by two students in 1973, our Big-Little Brother-Sister Program, pairs an older student with a younger one.  The “bigs” take tremendous pride in being responsible for, and adored by, their younger charges, and the “littles” thrive by having a role model to guide them.

Student Leadership: Student Council Association and Honor Council

The Student Council Association (SCA), open to middle school students, was established to organize and encourage students in leadership.  Students elected to the SCA represent their classmates by discussing and problem-solving student/teacher concerns with other members and the SCA faculty representative.  

The Honor Council is comprised of six middle school student-representatives who are elected by their peers.  The purpose of the Honor Council is to encourage students to live the motto of The Williams School, “Honor before Honors.”  Members of this group also provide peer counseling for other students on an individual and group basis as directed by the guidance counselor.