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A Sense of Community

The essential threads of student life are effective communication, collaboration, inclusiveness, creativity, problem-solving, and integrity.  Student life, as an extension of the classroom, provides safe, fun, and enriching experiences for our students.  We believe in educating the whole child, academically, morally, socially, and athletically. The Williams School motto “Honor before Honors” sets the tone for exploring and implementing core moral values while helping students to develop their individual moral compass.

Opportunities are designed to provide real time experiences in situational problem solving while working with others to solve these problems through collaboration, compromise, and communication.  Our students strive to overcome barriers to success by working through issues with their peers, counselors, and teachers in a safe and interactive experience outside the classroom.  The goal is for students to develop the emotional intelligence and resiliency necessary to successfully navigate their school years and later, the workplace and their personal lives.  Every student is encouraged to reach his or her own potential.  Character traits such as confidence, leadership, and responsibility result from experiences that broaden the students’ environment of learning.  The Williams School creates an environment of inclusion which affords our students the opportunities to pursue and extend lasting friendships.