Health & Wellness

We programmatically prioritize the emotional and physical well-being of every student.

It is not enough that your child is successful in our classrooms. It is more important to us that they love the person growing inside them and that they live and lead healthy lifestyles. We actively cultivate those mindsets and habits every day.

Health & Wellness
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School Counseling

Our Lower School students receive school counseling lessons twice a month from our School Counselor. These lessons are focused on developmentally appropriate social and emotional topics.

Counselor lessons are combined with Health classes in Middle School. In addition, our students are assigned a dedicated Faculty Advisor who facilitates one-on-one and group discussions on a range of contemporary and relevant subjects. Our Advisory Program also includes weekly peer meetings during lunch.

Physical Education

Physical Education

Each day begins with recess for all students, K-8, on the playground. Those first few minutes of the day in unstructured play with friends begins each day in a positive manner. During the day, all students participate in recess as a brain break allowing for movement and time with friends.

All students participate in Physical Education (PE) at least two to three times each week. Focusing on developmentally appropriate gross motor skills and calisthenics, fitness and stretching, sports-based skills instruction, and sportsmanship, students enjoy PE outside or at our indoor athletics facility. It is fun, fun, fun.

As a challenge to ourselves, we use the Presidential Physical Activity & Fitness Program assessment standards to provide our students with annual individual goals.

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