Everybody Plays

Through our Athletics program, we intentionally cultivate a wide variety of skills, characteristics, and attributes that will remain with our students for the rest of their lives – these include collaboration, competitiveness, respect, resilience, trust, and fair play. We achieve this by enabling them to participate in any sport, regardless of their individual skill level.

Everybody Plays
This is Everybody Plays the williams school

This is Everybody Plays.

Of course, the amount of time a team member plays is at the discretion of the coaches and even the students themselves. We never (ever) want to place our students in a position where they feel overwhelmed by the circumstances. Instead, we want them to feel safe and supported to explore their interests, test their skills, develop their abilities, strengthen their friendships with classmates and teammates, and maybe even discover some unknown talents.

We thank all of our students, parents, extended family members, coaches, administrators, and staff for respecting this philosophy.

Our Teams

Our teams include:




Cross Country
Cross Country


Basketball Basketball


Tennis Soccer
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