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It was another successful tournament for the TWS Upper Division Forensics team!
The 1st place trophy resides once again with TWS. 
The following students earned medals:

Dhanya P. - 2nd place (Boys Prose)

Kate D. - 3rd place (Girls Prose)

Lang B. - 2nd place (Original Oratory)

Courtney P. - 3rd place (Original Oratory)

Alice C. - 1st place (Girls Poetry)

Bo T. - 1st place (Boys Poetry)

Chloe S. - 2nd place (Girls Poetry)

Jaden S. - 3rd place (Boys Poetry)

Marcella N. - 1st place (Girls Storytelling)

Malcolm W. - 2nd place (Boys Storytelling)

Cora B. - 3rd Place (Girls Storytelling)

A huge "thank you!" to our parent and faculty coaches!


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