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Admission Process


Step 1: Inquiry

Please contact the admission office to receive an information packet.

Step 2: Tour

If you would like an informal tour of the school, please contact the admission office.

Step 3: Application

Submit an application and $100 application fee to be considered for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Step 4: Student visit

A classroom visit is essential to our admission process. Kindergarten applicants participate in a 45 minute playgroup session with other applicants. First grade applicants visit the kindergarten classroom for a half day. Second through eighth grade applicants visit for a full day in their current grade. 

Step 5: Testing

Kindergarten applicants, generally turning five prior to September 30th, will be assessed for social and school readiness with an inventory of developmental skill. First grade applicants will be assessed with an inventory of readiness skills. Applicants for second through eighth grades will be administered an academic assessment which is administered on Saturdays in January and February. 

Step 6: Records 

School records and a teacher recommendation are required for all applicants. 

Step 7: Notification

Admission notification letters are mailed on March 15, or the first business day thereafter.