Creativity and Innovation in Learning

We live our philosophy of Creativity and Innovation in Learning through an ever-evolving curricula and by sourcing, training, and retaining the very best teachers and staff.

More than just words in a mission statement, we meaningfully adapt to evolutions in teaching and learning with nimbleness. In fact, our teachers, leaders, and parents embrace the opportunity to respond to students’ learning needs and interests through creative risk-taking and innovation. We ask ourselves, “What do our students need? What does this child need?” Then, we build the answer.

This enables us to empower and equip teachers and leaders to effectively and efficiently explore, collaborate, and apply creativity and innovation across their classrooms, grade levels and divisions.

As a result, our students will be ready for a world of constant change and endless possibilities.

Creativity and Innovation in Learning - The williams school
A group of kids drawing on a table.

Visual Arts

When you visit our campus, you cannot help but encounter our students’ artwork in nearly every hallway and learning space (not to mention our school calendar). It’s wonderful.

In addition to esthetically brightening our environment, art serves as a reminder of each student’s blossoming creativity, individuality, and unique perspective.

All of our students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade have formal art instruction one to two times each week. They learn art history and its various styles, from Impressionism to Pop Art, and apply this new knowledge to their own work across different mediums. In middle school, students who wish to pursue visual arts in more depth may choose to take Studio Art and/or graphic design as optional, ungraded classes. Students in 8th grade also have the option of taking Yearbook to work with our technology teacher in creating the school’s annual.

Classes sometimes take a quick walk down our street to The Chrysler Museum of Art. There, they can enjoy in person some of the original pieces they are studying in class.

Performing Arts

All of our students in grades Kindergarten through fifth enjoy weekly music classes. Students in grades 4-5 also study choral music. Students in grades 6-8 may select choral music from among the optional, ungraded courses offered throughout the year. Students in grades 4-8 may elect to study instrumental music through our band program.

The sound of instruments and singing in nearly every shape and size quite often greets visitors to Williams, their notes drifting down the hallway into the main foyer from our music classroom.

Our Lower School hosts performances throughout the year, culminating with a fantastical, grade-specific show on Festival Day. This is an end-of-year, school-wide celebration. Our students also participate in the Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day performance Thanksgiving Week, as well as our Service of Hope and Light a long-held Williams tradition celebrated before Winter Break.

Our students’ performances are generally showcased at Williams and throughout our community.

Performing Arts at the williams school
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