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Resource Offerings


Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have formal art instruction one to two times each week.  Our art educator teaches students art history, in addition to showing them various styles from impressionism to pop art, and allowing students to work in different mediums.  A host of student artwork is featured in our annual school calendar.



Band is an optional program available to students in Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade.  Students meet with instructors in small groups once, by section once, and in a whole band ensemble once each week.  The band holds two concerts each year, one in the winter and one in the spring, in addition to performing at school events such as our Service of Lessons and Carols and Graduation. 



Students in Lower School (Grades K-5) have Guidance lessons each week from our School Counselor.  The lessons are targeted toward social and emotional topics as developmentally appropriate.  In the Middle School (Grade 6-8) Guidance lessons are combined with Health classes.  Middle School students also have an Advisory Program which entails weekly meetings at lunch time with peers and a faculty advisor who facilitates discussion on some social topics as well.



Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have library instruction one to two times each week.  Students in our younger grades also have a designated Library Check-Out time each week in which they can explore titles to read for fun and take home.  Research methods and database instruction are taught in Library class to students in Fifth through Eighth Grade.  Our school subscribes to multiple databases and has a vast collection of over 12,000 books across genres and content areas.



Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have music class on a weekly basis.  The Lower School grades have performances throughout the year culminating with a grade-specific show on Festival Day, our end-of-year celebration.  All students participate in the Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day performance the week of Thanksgiving, as well as our Service of Lessons and Carols, a tradition of the school's that occurs before the Winter Break.  Middle School students practice to perform the Spring Musical in April working on productions of Annie, Into the Woods, Beauty and Beast, and Grease to name a few!


Physical Education:

All students participate in Physical Education two to three times each week.  The classes focus on developmentally-appropriate gross motor skills and calisthenics, fitness and stretching, sports-based skills instruction, and sportsmanship.  As a challenge, our school uses the Presidential Physical Activity & Fitness Program assessment standards to give our students a goal to work towards and records their results at the end of each year.  Incorporated into their Physical Education, students in Middle School attend a classroom Health and Guidance course on a weekly basis where topics of physical fitness and mental fitness are interwoven.



Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have formal technology instruction one to two times each week.  In addition to these instructional hours, technology is integrated in all classrooms through use of 1:1 iPads, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, and Google Apps for Education.  In the Computer Lab, students cover topics including Digital Citizenship, Coding, 3D-printing technologies, use of G Suite (Google Apps for Education), and keyboarding.  Our goal is to ensure our students are comfortable with technology and confident in their 21st century skills.