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A Place to Thrive

At The Williams School, we believe our program lays the foundation for the skills and character traits students will take with them into their subsequent endeavors.  Our curricular and co-curricular offerings provide students with chances to try new things and discover their passions while in a small, safe environment, which is crucial because at this developmental stage, children are forming their identities, figuring out who they are and who they want to become.  Instead of getting lost in a crowd, our students are embraced for their individuality, assuming roles of leaders instead of followers, and fostering relationships with faculty and peers as they go through their middle school years.

In addition to interdisciplinary academic instruction, our middle school strives to teach our students accountability and a code of ethics.  The school’s philosophy is reflected in our curricular programs in which students are guided to better understand their place in our community and their role in a diverse and culturally rich society.  Students who graduate from The Williams School are confident, capable academicians who willingly accept new challenges and embrace a positive attitude.  Encouraged to become responsible global citizens, these maturing learners relish additional opportunities to practice self-discipline, to become more responsible for their actions, and to learn the skills for academic success.  The school strives to provide an environment where students are able to meet the high academic expectations that we set for them, free to take risks (both academic and social), and to consistently demonstrate respect for others, honesty, and “Honor before Honors.”