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Becoming Life-Long Learners

The Williams School provides students with a safe and nurturing environment in which each child can develop a comfortable and confident attitude toward learning.  Our child-centered environment enhances a positive atmosphere in which students feel comfortable taking risks and accepting challenges which facilitate learning.   In recognition that children learn in different ways and often find more than one solution to a problem, we use differentiated instruction to maximize each student’s abilities.  To meet these varied learning styles, we have two full time co-teachers in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade.   We embrace these principles in our Lower School so that each child experiences success in a rigorous, but supportive, academic environment.  An emphasis on integrity and personal responsibility with attention to moral and social development is interwoven into all aspects of school life.

An integrated and experiential curriculum allows children to build upon and expand their lessons across subject areas.  It is important to facilitate the construction, integration, and synthesis of knowledge as students deal with increasingly complex concepts and skills. In support of this belief, we place a strong emphasis on core academic subjects coupled with extensive participation in resource classes and frequent opportunities for research and skill application.  Resource teachers work to integrate current classroom thematic topics into their curriculum for further reinforcement.