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Embracing Education

At The Williams School, our curriculum is in a constant state of revision and growth driven by and reflective of the school’s mission and philosophy statements.  Since we strive to educate the whole child, our curriculum incorporates standards to meet children’s social, emotional, and academic needs.  We believe curricular objectives can be accomplished by using diverse teaching strategies and methodologies. Teachers are given autonomy within their curriculum and are encouraged to use their personal gifts to enhance curriculum instruction.  Consequently, teachers have a vested interest in curriculum development and implementation.  We recognize that students come to us with differing learning styles, and we believe the curriculum should be flexible enough for innovative instruction to occur on all levels.

Thematic presentation of the curriculum encourages interdisciplinary instruction and the size of the school permits a close working relationship between grade level, classroom teachers, and resource teachers.  In addition, we provide multiple opportunities for cross-age instruction and activities.  It is our sincere hope that a Williams School student never retreats from a problem for which he or she has no experience. Ultimately, a Williams School student embraces challenges with multiple strategies in order to think critically and find acceptable solutions.