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Margaret Delk Moore         
Head of School

The Value of a K-8 Education

Williams knows K-8! From our young kindergarten students to our 8th grade seniors, Williams School students experience growing self-confidence, emerging academic abilities, a strong sense of community, and a place where they are known. We are K-8 experts. Research has shown more



Kristin Poulin, M.A., LPC   

Advances in biology and neuroscience are showing us how a child’s brain and cognitive development are shaped by his or her learning experiences and environment.  The Williams School K-8 environment creates a sense of safety and little external stressors which provides our students with an optimal learning environment. Our students have the opportunity to interact daily with both elementary and middle school teachers.  Our elementary teachers get to form lasting relationships with students whom they continue to interact with daily, year after year. We are aware of how more

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