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...of this new endeavor. We do not expect parents to be the teachers but rather our aides in keeping our kiddos on track. We strongly suggest a regular schedule each day that includes getting up and ready for the day at regular school times. It is the expectation that we have daily engagement and participation with all of our students. Particularly in middle school, morning check in is required and participation in all classes is expected. 

From K – 8, we see the valuable opportunity our students receive as they continue to grow in independence and accountability with their teachers, becoming active participants in their education. As we begin this next week, we hope that all students will be settling into their routines and approach remote learning with the same commitment and focus they show on campus. In addition, our students are learning about on-line behavior and the importance of respectful behavior in our virtual classrooms. Our learning curve has been steep but so has our growth. 

The Williams School is committed to the continued success of our students. As we go forward in our planning we will keep our community informed about new ways that we will promote our school spirit, keeping our community strong. More than ever, it is important that we reach out to one another and walk together as a school community through this unprecedented time. The spotlight is on TWS and we are in a position to display our innovation, our creativity and our nimbleness as we adapt quickly to a changing world. Please make sure you are following us on FaceBook as we continue to show ways that WILLIAMS ADAPTS. Like us and share the good news often. It truly is amazing. 

Our best to you,

Margaret Delk Moore
Head of School

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