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Williams Adapts

Margaret Delk Moore        
Head of School

Greetings to our Williams School Community!

We have come to the end of our first full week of remote learning. I could not be prouder of our school than I am at this moment. When we launched this new way of presenting our academic curriculum, there was a bit of excitement, a bit of fear, and a bit of angst. That quickly began to disappear as our students demonstrated that they were up to the challenge and so were we. Little did we know that the announcement would come on Monday afternoon that our campus would remain closed for the rest of the academic year. Make no mistake, however, that even though our buildings are closed, our school continues to be open and moving forward. 

I must admit that many of us have shed a few tears as the idea of not having our community together for at least the next few months began to quickly sink in. We are, however, determined to make the very best of this situation that we can. It is our full intention that our students will continue to move forward in their academic program, covering all essential elements, and will be prepared for the next grade level in the fall. We will be continuing to present our full program. This week all academic subjects were presented by our K-8 teachers. In the week ahead, our Resource teachers will begin providing lessons and projects in Library, French, Art, Music, Band, PE, and Computer. We have also recognized that in order to provide balance to the schedule, this coming Friday, April 3, will be a day devoted to Resource classes. A schedule will be provided ahead of time as we want to ensure that our students continue with some of their favorite experiences at school. 

As we continue to adjust to remote learning, please know that we take this all very seriously and have every intention to continue with the quality academic program that has been our strength. Parent partnership is an important element in the success more


School Closure