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Mission and Philosophy


The Williams School works with each child to build an enduring foundation for academic, moral and social success. Williams School students embody integrity, confidence, discipline and a love of learning.

PHILOSOPHY - The Williams School grounds its mission on five key concepts:

  • A child-centered environment
  • A community of inclusion
  • Emphasis on integrity and responsibility
  • An environment for learning
  • A partnership with parents


We believe that children learn in different ways at diverse rates and one-size does not fit all. As a result, we provide substantial individual attention to each student by maintaining a low student/teacher ratio. Furthermore, we are flexible in our approach to teaching, using innovative approaches to accomplish traditional academic goals and the mastery of a rigorous curriculum. In order to develop each child in accordance with his or her capabilities, we strive to provide challenging work at whatever level each child has reached.


The uniqueness of individuals brings fulfillment to The Williams School's mission and values. The school is committed to fostering a community of inclusion in which a wide spectrum of individual differences is valued, celebrated and integrated throughout its Board of Trustees, staff, students, faculty and curriculum.


The most important values we can instill in our students are a love for honesty and an enduring sense of responsibility. Two frequently heard themes at The Williams School are the School's motto, "Honor before Honors," and the statement, "With privilege comes responsibility." In daily life we insist that children respect the rights and needs of others and exhibit proper social behavior both within and outside the school community. Finally, we emphasize contribution to the larger community by students of all ages.


One of the non-negotiable foundations of The Williams School is the character of its operating environment: that of a close-knit family. Whether it is the "home" that houses the school community or the small classes, everyone knows your name and all receive attention. This caring environment is critical to the freedom for a child to make a step forward and be involved without fear or misstep and to learn and grow from any mistakes. The school is vertically integrated. The Big-Little Brother-Sister tradition extends children's relationships beyond their peer group with multiple benefits for all. The extensive use of outside resources expands each child's educational, cultural and athletic experiences into the larger community.


We view parents as our partners in the greater Williams School family. They are integral to the effective education and development of their children, as well as valuable resources upon which we draw daily. Parents can expect frequent and varied contact, sensitivity to individual family needs and access to a faculty and administration that encourage their input. To the extent they wish to be involved, parents help with school outings, activities and fundraising events, participate as members of advisory councils and the Board of Trustees.

The Williams School admits students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities at the school.
It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origins in administration of its educational policies,
scholarship and loan programs and athletic and school administered programs.